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Allergy Statement- Riviera Creamery


Many of our chocolate products are made in environments where peanut and other tree nuts are processed or stored.  As such, we recommend avoidance of our chocolates for persons having related allergies.  Chocolates containing filled centers may also present gluten ingredients.  Our sugar free or “no sugar added” chocolates contain maltitol, an artificial sweetener similar in nature to sorbitol, a sugar alcohol.  Excessive consumption of sugar free or “no sugar added” candies in any instance may result in stomach upset.


Our ice cream products and similar offerings contain dairy products, and may contain peanuts or tree nuts, and have been produced in a facility in which such nuts are processed or stored.  Please review contents of the ice cream manufacturer’s website at for additional nutritional information concerning our scooped or packed ice cream, sherbets or sorbets, and novelty bars.  Any of the flavors we sell may contain glutens; however we stock and display several flavors which are designated “gluten free” by the manufacturer—ask our servers or note any designations on our menu boards.