About Us


Riviera Creamery comes to the Emerald Coast as a new concept in delectable sweets and treats--serving up a combination of super premium ice creams, sherbets and sorbets, alongside a selection of gourmet fine chocolates, toffees and fresh, made-in-store confections, as well as classic New Orleans-style shave ice Snow-balls made with our own pure cane syrups.  Peter and JoAnn Ehrlich bring over twenty years of prior operating experience with one  of America's biggest franchised chocolate, confection and frozen yogurt franchisers, having owned three stores in southern states. They now present their own vision for an upscale, beachy parlor experience, featuring popular gourmet treats, friendly service, and family pricing.  Indulge yourself!

Q--Do you serve any gluten-free ice creams?"

Answer: Yes, we will rotate various flavors into our daily lineup, and all gluten-free flavors will be marked as such on the menu board.


Q-- Can we get nutrition information for each ice cream, sherbet, or other menu item?


Answer:  We will maintain ingredient and nutritional information and will make that information available in the store, upon request.


Q--Will you be harvesting any personal data from our credit or debit card transactions?


Answer:  No.  We do not assemble any database about our customers, and we pledge not to retain, transmit, or misuse any of your data, other than to transmit transaction data as required by our card processor, under strict industry guidelines.


Q-- Are your chocolate and other confections free of any peanut or other tree nut allergy risks?


Answer:  NO.  In fact, virtually all of the fine chocolates and ice creams will be made in a commercial candy kitchen or dairy environment where peanuts and/or other tree nuts may be processed.  All of the products made in our store, even including Sno-balls (made from shave ice, cane sugar syrups, and in some cases, cream or other dairy products) may have trace amounts of residue from peanuts or their oils, and trace residues of other tree nuts.


Q-  Are there work opportunities at Riviera Creamery for people under 18?


Answer: Yes.  We will consider employing applicants as young as 16, and exceptional candidates at 15, who may need a special work permit under current employment laws.


Q- Do you ship your products?


Answer:  For the most part, we do not ship our menu items.  Ice cream can't ship for obvious reasons, and the fine chocolates are "iffy" for the majority of the year.  If you ask us to box up some chocolates in Christmas season for shipping to your friends and loved ones, we can help.


Q.- Will you be selling hand scooped pints in "to go" packaging, and will you have any other larger sizes?


Answer:  Our biggest "carry-out" packaging for hand scooped ice cream will be the pint.


Q-  Do you make your own ice creams?


Answer:   No -  we have gone beyond, with our exclusive offering of Bassetts Ice Cream, from America's oldest ice cream maker--a brand you will not find offered anywhere else in the area.   All flavors of ice cream are "super-premium", with a minimum of 16% butterfat content, and with generous inclusion of natural, choice ingredients and flavors.  We think you will not find any ice creams along the gulf coast that can match the richness and flavor appeal of our exclusive ice creams.


Q- Do your liquor or liqueur flavored chocolates, truffles, or ice creams have alcohol?


Answer:  Effectively, no.  The chocolates labeled with liquor or liqueur names use extracts for flavoring, while the ice creams so flavored may be batched with a small amount of actual alcohol; however, the process reduces any alcohol content to a mere trace.  Children and adults alike are quite safe consuming these flavored products.


Q-  Can we arrange a private store party for our birthday or other events?


Answer: During the high tourist season, we are unable to undertake such parties unless scheduled to end by 1:00 PM on any weekday.  We are flexible about reserving the store for private parties after Labor Day, and through early March.  Please call to inquire about our rates and arrangements.


Q- Will there be packed sizes larger than pints?


Answer: Yes.  We can scoop and hand pack pint or quart containers to go, and they appear as priced items on our menu boards.


Q- Is Riviera Creamery a part of a chain or franchise?


Answer: No.  We are proudly independent, and the Panama City Beach location on the Front Beach Road across from Hooters is the very first store.



Q- Do you have military or senior discounts?


Answer: Yes.  established March 1, 2018, we provide seniors (65+) a 10% discount upon request, and a 15% discount to active military members and first responders.  We provide free Coca-Cola product fountain drinks to any uniformed police officers during business hours.


Q-  Any other "always on" discounts?


Answer: Yes.  We give a 10% discount to anyone on a daily scooter rental.  Just bring your scooter rental agreement in!

Allergy Statement- Riviera Creamery


Many of our chocolate products are made in environments where peanut and other tree nuts are processed or stored.  As such, we recommend avoidance of our chocolates for persons having related allergies.  Chocolates containing filled centers may also present gluten ingredients.  Our sugar free or “no sugar added” chocolates contain maltitol, an artificial sweetener similar in nature to sorbitol, a sugar alcohol.  Excessive consumption of sugar free or “no sugar added” candies in any instance may result in stomach upset.


Our ice cream products and similar offerings contain dairy products, and may contain peanuts or tree nuts, and have been produced in a facility in which such nuts are processed or stored.  Please review contents of the ice cream manufacturer’s website at www.bassettsicecream.com for additional nutritional information concerning our scooped or packed ice cream, sherbets or sorbets, and novelty bars.  Any of the flavors we sell may contain glutens; however we stock and display several flavors which are designated “gluten free” by the manufacturer—ask our servers or note any designations on our menu boards.